What to Listen to While Studying for Finals

Happy finals week! We are all more than ready to get this week over with and be on our way to a relaxing and fun-filled winter break. But for now, let’s grind through these next few days and do our very best. Whether you’re the kind of person that listens to music while studying or just need some new music for a dance break, here are some suggestions.

James Arthur, Dean Lewis, or Lewis Capaldi: 

All three of these artists have a very similar style. Their songs are pretty love-focused and slow, the kind of music you listen to when you need to calm down and take a breather. Capaldi often includes beautiful piano music in his songs, which makes this kind of music perfect for studying– not too distracting, but not boring either. Try “Falling Like The Stars” by James Arthur, “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi, or “Waves” by Dean Lewis. 

Piano Music:

A lot of people can’t listen to music with words to them while they’re studying because it’s too distracting. But if you need to block out the noise around you, try listening to piano music. Try shuffling some of Nils Frahm’s contemporary classical songs on Spotify. If you’re not into this kind of music, try The Piano Guys “Limitless,” album, released just last year. This album includes some songs from “The Greatest Showman” and an arrangement that includes Shawn Mendes’s “In My Blood.”

Taylor Swift:

As my personal go-to for studying music, Taylor Swift has over 98 songs to choose from. The pop sensation has released songs we all can sing and dance to. “You Belong With Me” and “End Game” are sure to get you pumped up. Or if you need to go home and cry after a long day of studying, turn on “Dear John” or “White Horse.”

Grady Spencer & the Work:

Although this is a smaller band that doesn’t get a lot of recognition, they’re worth checking out. Described to blend together “old-time blues” with classic country and a little bit of rock, these guys remind you that life really isn’t that bad. “Celebrate” and “Feeling Fine” are two of their most popular songs.

Story by: Elizabeth Armstrong