Piano Music Rings Throughout Cedar City

The College of Performing and Visual Arts hosted the Piano Monster Concert at 7 p.m. The concert was held at the Heritage Center Theater and was filled to the brim with students, parents, and children alike.

This concert was the brainchild of Professor Christian Bohnenstengel and is the result of putting around nine grand pianos on stage at once. 

Back in October, students from all over Cedar were invited to play. Age was not a deciding factor on if the students were able to play which brought diversity to the stage. 

Nick Walton, a student at Southern Utah University majoring in music, helped position the performers on stage and was also a performer himself. 

“I loved watching the kids have fun and get experience with actual piano performance at various levels,” Walton said. 

The concert consisted of different groups moving on and off the stage. Directors included Cecy Allen, Maia Wimmer, Anthony Malachowski, Christian Bohnenstengel, Mary Anne Andersen, Heather Celis, Ty Redd, and Shayla Jessup. 

The performers ranged not only in age but in skill level. Because of this, there was a variety of music that was played. 

Along with the diverse music, fun props kept the audience engaged. Star Wars fans gasped as a lightsaber appeared on stage and at one point the pianists shot hoops after playing. 

During the concert, one group hosted over 20 people that played the piano on stage together. 

“For us pianists, 20 people playing at the same time is a real treat,” Bohnenstengel said. 

Following the concert, cookies and holiday music by the performers could be found right outside of the theater. 

This event is held annually and open to almost anyone who wants to perform.

The CPVA will host a Student Recital on Dec. 6 at 12 p.m. in the Thorley Recital Hall.


Story by: Elizabeth Armstrong