Travel Precautions for SUU and the Thanksgiving Holiday

Winter weather is here in Cedar City with a Winter Storm Watch active Nov. 27-29 per the National Weather Service. SUU students may be planning to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, but everyone should be cautious.

Those traveling on Monday likely ran into a snow storm. Cedar City experienced its first heavy snowfall which came down for most of the afternoon already making roads slick and icy.

There will be a break from the snow on Tuesday, as it’s primed to be the best chance to travel. It will be the cliche “calm before the storm” as forecasts are not seeing snow on the 26.

The snow will return on Wednesday with snow likely after 11 a.m. Those hoping to leave town Wednesday afternoon may find struggles getting on the road as Winter Weather Warnings will be in effect all throughout the state.

Anyone staying in Cedar City on Thanksgiving will see an 80 percent chance of snowfall with 3 to 5 inches possible. On Friday, Cedar will see remnants of snow showers with some snow falling, but likely not enough to constitute a storm.

With storms possible all across the state, it is important to be on the lookout when traveling any distance.

Allow yourself extra time to warm up and de-ice your vehicle. Do not attempt to drive with ice and snow covering your windows because it will hinder your vision even more than the outside weather already is.

On freeways, avoid speeding and consider going below the speed limit to have more control over the vehicle. This will help to prevent spin outs and any other possible issues. 

On all roads, watch out in shadowy areas and underpasses. Black ice, named aptly because of its similarity in appearance to regular asphalt, usually resides out of direct sunlight and is especially dangerous.

For more information on the Winter Weather Warnings, and for updates on any weather changes, visit here.


Story by: Tomas D’Anella

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