SUU Student Notices Improvement in Writing After Joining Alpha Phi

SUU senior Whitney Forrest has noticed an improvement in her writing after joining sorority Alpha Phi. This discovery wasn’t something that the student planned on, but it is something she has found gratitude in.

From Sandy UT, the Interdisciplinary Studies Major decided to attend Southern Utah University after visiting the campus.

“I really liked the atmosphere, I fell in love with the campus. But more than that, I stayed because Alpha Phi gave me [the opportunity for] leadership and helped me meet people,” Forrest said. 

Currently the Vice President of Community Relations, this title has proved to keep Forrest busy corresponding with organizations and parents to set up service projects and help raise money for women’s heart health.

Forrest joined Alphi Phi because she wanted to get out of her comfort zone. She went to rush, got a bid, and has been a member for four years now. From last spring to now, she has helped to raise $11,863 for Alpha Phi’s philanthropy. 

In the future, she hopes to go into book publishing and make a career out of it. She is specifically interested in the marketing side of publishing.

“I want to help other people, and I just want to see the backside of the writing process.”

Although she is busy taking 17 credits studying English creative writing, business marketing, and communication, helping publish the 2020 edition of the Kolob Canyon Review, and serving in Alpha Phi, she is working on a novel on the side. Forrest is co-writing it with her mother.  

“When I was younger, we were obsessed with Young Adult fiction and astrology, and so my mom and I are hoping to go that route with our novel.” 

Forrest is thankful for the benefits that becoming a member of Alpha Phi has given her, and helping her with her writing as an English major was the cherry on top.

For more information on Forrest, visit her Kolob Canyon Review staff bio here.


Story by: Elizabeth Armstrong
Photo by: Whitney Forrest