Living a Little, Laughing a Lot: Sammy Obeid

On Fri., Nov. 15, the “1000 Day Comedian” Sammy Obeid will perform at Southern Utah University.

Sammy Obeid was born in Oakland, California in 1984. He double majored in business and math at UC Berkeley, and upon graduation he was unsure what to do next. 

He considered going to Silicon Valley and using his analytical style of thinking to work in the American economy. However, he also wanted to pursue his dream of performing stand-up comedy.

Sammy Obeid first walked into the public eye when he tried to perform 1,000 nights of comedy in a row – and he succeeded. He started Dec. 26, 2010 and performed nonstop until Sept. 21, 2013. This 1,000-night journey is documented in his special, “Get Funny or Die Tryin’.” 

Throughout the tour, he took various stops, such as on “Conan” and “America’s Got Talent.” Obeid says that one of the best days of his life since the streak began “was Day 441 where Howard Stern said [on “America’s Got Talent”] I made the right choice doing comedy. That was a very fulfilling day.”

His college experience and personal heritage lend a hand to his style of comedy.  He is Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian, Italian, and American, and his humor is generally known for its analytical style of wordplay, clever misdirection, and ethnic humor. 

One of his most famous jokes is age-old with a new twist: “I believe God is a woman. So I don’t say ‘Amen’. I say, ‘That’s what she said.’”

To see him perform live, head to his performance on Nov. 15 at 7:00 p.m. in the Ballroom . You can find more information about Sammy Obeid on his personal website or through his publisher, KP Comedy, at

Story by: Ryan Sunderman
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