Tonal Voices: SUU Student Recital

A wide variety of tones, timbres and instrumental voices resonated as students from the music department performed at noon on Friday, Nov. 8 in Thorley Music Recital Hall at Southern Utah University. 

Friday’s performance featured a wide array of instrumentalists and vocalists. Two tenors, Zachary Smith and Christopher Cheney, both sang newer compositions while soprano, Bratie Fuhriman, sang a beautiful selection by Vincenzo Bellini. 

Samantha Shaw playing flute and Rachelle Jensen on clarinet represented the woodwind family. Five instrumentalists from the brass studios of Adam and Michelle Lambert filled the remainder of the recital. 

The bookends to the performance were Megan Lind and Xuan Yang on piano. They performed works by Franz Liszt and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart respectively. 

Unique for one concert, Friday’s performance featured two tuba solos by Loryn Seidl and Colby Eldridge. Being the largest, and lowest, member of the brass family, it takes talent to play.

Prior to his performance of Don Haddad’s “Suite,” tuba player and junior music major Seidl described the experience and reward that comes from performing at Friday recitals. 

“It’s all about the experience,” Seidl explained. “Performing tests the ability of the player and your confidence to perform in front of others. When mistakes come, you either learn and get better, or it drags you down. It’s a good learning experience.”

In attendance was Nathan Wiggins, a sophomore mathematics major. After the concert, he explained his feelings about music and the impact it makes to listen to a live performance. 

“The creativity of the performers is inspiring,” said Wiggins. “Listening to the music and coming to these performances helps me think of ways to be more creative in my life.” 

SUU Music Department student recitals are held free of charge each Friday at 12 p.m. in the Thorley Music Recital Hall located just east of the Gerald R. Sherratt library.

More information about the SUU Music Department can be found on their website

A complete list of performances and recitals can be found here.


Story by: Kaden Smith
Photos by: Kaden Smith