SUU Photography Club Exhibition: Weird and Wonderful

Held on the third floor of the Gerald R. Sherratt Library, a unique photography exhibition was displayed on Nov 8. at 3 p.m. The photographs will be up until the end of the semester. 

The SUU Photography Club hosted the event, and President James Culbertson and Vice President Michaela Garcia were both in attendance. 

19 photographs were hung on the far wall of the library, and cookies and drinks were offered. Students and professors lined up and observed the pictures, moving through the line at a leisurely pace. 

Professor Antone Dolezal selected the pieces and offered a written explanation of what the “Weird and Wonderful,” exhibition hopes to achieve.

“Photography that truly resonates with us has the power to encourage personal growth. . . this type of work can also be challenging for both the artist and viewer. The [exhibition] reflects such a challenge. It showcases the diversity in vision amongst these talented photographers, but also carries common themes that ask us as viewers to look for a deeper hidden reality,” Dolezal said. 

The exhibition featured five honorable mentions, placed on the left side of the wall. These pictures included “Heart Eyes,” by Lindsay Mitchell, “Distracted,” by Aaron Linkolgle, “Womb 03,” by Kelly Chunning and “Delicate Arch,” by Billy Clouse. 

The selection didn’t seem to follow a theme, except that they were all weird and wonderful, but the variety was refreshing. Each picture offered something new to look at, all intriguing and different in their own way. 

Two notable pieces of the exhibit were “Womb 03,” and “Delicate Arch.” Easily the most controversial pieces, the photographs featured nudity and sensitive subjects. Garcia was quick to point out both pieces, aware that some backlash may come along with them. 

Photography Club President, Jame Culbertson, hopes that the exhibit will inspire viewers to submit for next semester’s exhibition. 

“Come and support your fellow students, and check out the weird and wonderful pictures people have captured,” Garcia suggests. 

Take a break from studying at the library and check out the photographs while you still can. For more information on SUU’s photography club, click here. 

Story by: Elizabeth Armstrong
Photos by: Elizabeth Armstrong