SUU SURF to Host LGBTQ+ Demonstration

Calling all LGBTQ+ students and allies: on Friday, Nov. 8, SUU’s Students United for Reproductive Freedom is hosting an LGBTQ+ demonstration. This demonstration is meant to bring attention to Utah’s high LGBTQ+ youth suicide rates and their relation to conversion therapy. It will be held in front of the SUU library at 12 p.m.

Last spring, a bill to ban conversion therapy was presented to Utah politicians after research results showed a strong correlation between LGBTQ+ youth suicide rates and conversion therapy involvement. 

The bill did not pass and SURF believes LGBTQ+ members and allies must keep fighting in order to procure a permanent end to conversion therapy practices in Utah. The SURF demonstration will present information about the dangerous consequences associated with conversion therapy, in order to spread awareness and gain support. 

The need for this demonstration was made apparent after a recent supreme court case was held to determine whether or not it is legal to fire workers due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. The results of the case are still undecided. 

“Students should attend [this demonstration] to support their LGBTQ+ SUU students and to help spread awareness and education around the current politics surrounding the community,” said Cynthia Hawk, co-president of SURF. “Ultimiately, listening to marginalized voices and finding solidarity to help end deadly conversion therapy in our state.”

SUU’s Pride Alliance club can provide additional information about the demonstration and can help answer any questions students have in requards to the LGBTQ community. Information about how to get involved with the club and its upcoming events, as well as additional resources for LGBTQ+ students, can be found here. 

Story by: Grace Conley
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