SUU Ranked in the Top Ten for Lowest Student Debt

According to a recent study published by the 2020 U.S. News and World Report, SUU was listed in the top 10 for lowest student debt both in the nation and the western region. SUU was also ranked the best public regional university in Utah.

According to the report, the average student debt nationwide was $37,000. Those who graduated with debt from SUU took a median of around $11,000.

Speaking on behalf of the University, CFO Marvin Dodge said that the President’s Cabinet is “proud that students are very responsibly financing their education” and he feels they are “well positioned to go into the workforce without carrying the tremendous financial burden of excessive student loans.”

Tuition costs have been steadily rising over the years, and US News set to it to compile a list of schools with the lightest debt burdens. Looking precisely at the graduating class of 2017, that included incurred loans from the federal government.

SUU has been steadily working to make higher education affordable for everyone.

“SUU is a great investment,” said President Scott Wyatt. “We continue to work hard to reduce the cost of education at SUU and keep student debt as low as possible.”

When asked how he felt this achievement represented the school, Dodge spoke on behalf of the President’s Cabinet.

“From the beginning of President Wyatt’s administration, we have sought for ways to keep the costs of tuition low,” Dodge said. “As an administration we remain committed not to raise tuition for the foreseeable future. This adds a burden on the administration to continually be applying cost saving measures, efficiencies, and some out-of-the-box thinking [but] we like to think students have the same conservative approach to their personal finances.”

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Story by: Ryan Sunderman
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