International Food Fair Brings Diversity and Unity

The International Food Fair was held Oct. 16 from 6 to 8 p.m. Hosted by the Office of International Affairs, the event included a variety of activities, from henna art to an airpod giveaway. 

For Bill Maxwell, a business major here at SUU, the event was the perfect way to taste-test different food, socialize and have fun.  

“I got to experience things I don’t normally do, and I got to see how diverse SUU actually is. And, there was free food,” Maxwell said.  

The event was lively, with music playing constantly and dances being performed on stage. The turnout was successful, with the food line beginning in the ballroom and wrapping all the way out into the student center. 

The majority of the event was just trying new foods and socializing, and members of the community were also in attendance. With each station representing a different country, the booths ranged from Canada to Italy. 

There was a variety of foods to choose from, including churros, egg rolls and chocolate cake. There were even Italian candies and Canada’s very own version of chili fries.

The International Student Ambassadors (ISA) worked the event, scanning people in, serving food, and painting on henna. 

Basit Ali, an ISA, was working the event. He’s a business major and a junior here at SUU. 

“I’m one of the directors of the event, and I help with the Cultural Showcase Committee. These events are fun, and you should definitely look forward to the Polynesian Show Case,” Ali said.

A huge part of SUU and its campus life can be attributed to the international students, and this event really highlighted that. Many different cultures, people, ideas, and conversations were exchanged. 

According to Ali, this is a huge part of what the event was trying to accomplish. “I think being culturally aware is super important, and all these events not only bring diversity and awareness to different cultures, but they also [welcome and include] international students.”

This night was full of not only diversity, but unity as well. Students from all over came together to celebrate their cultures together, and it proved to result in a successful and fun-filled night. 

For more information about the Office of International Affairs, click here. 


Story and Photos by: Elizabeth Armstrong