Adventures of an Editor: Expanding Your Outdoor Hobbies

The vastness of the outdoor industry can sometimes make trying new activities challenging. 

There are so many sports and hobbies requiring specific gear or training it can become overwhelming to decide where to spend your money energy.

One of the best and most enjoyable ways to be introduced to a new outdoor passion is by sharing it with someone else (preferably someone who knows what they’re doing).

There are certainly things that we can do in solitude, such as hiking, backpacking, biking, etc., but if you’re venturing into new territory in terms of an activity, it always helps to have someone to help you along.

This is why I love SUU Outdoors, because the trips are designed to involve students from all kinds of backgrounds and possessing diverse interests, not just the “outdoorsy” types.

Through resources like SUU Outdoors, trip leaders help you learn the skills necessary for a host of outdoor activities, and you can find new friends that share your interests to join in on the fun.

Moments from my own life illustrate the great benefit of having someone to support and encourage you in trying your hand in new areas of the outdoors.

As a Moab native, it came as quite a shock to my wife, Maddie, when she discovered I had never been rock climbing.

Though I lived in some of the most popular climbing country in the nation, I was often busily engaged many other outdoor sports I had already come to love.

An avid climber herself, she persisted in convincing me to try it out and even got me my own shoes, harness and chalk bag for my birthday. 

Needless to say, I quite enjoyed it and I found a new interest that I hadn’t really considered before. The key factor here was that I was open to the opportunity when it came knocking and I seized it. Don’t overthink it too much, just go for it!

If you close yourself off from new things for whatever the reasons may be, you might miss out on something you’d otherwise discover brings an exciting, new element into your life.

Case in point: Maddie was at it again when she tried to hype up winter sports, which I’ve not been a fan of only because I hate cold, blustery weather.

Maddie worked at Brian Head, so it was easy for her to arrange my first snowboarding trip that resulted in a bruising to my tailbone and my pride. However, when I started to find my groove on that snowy mountain, I was enticed to try again.

So, the next week we found ourselves on the slopes again, and then the next week and so on until I found another outdoor hobby.

I never thought I would get into snowboarding, but I had some support and I was surprised about how much I like it. 

I also have outdoor passions that I try and share with others. My experience and access to resources allows me to become the guide and mentor.

As I create cherished memories through my outdoor experiences, the more I want to be involved in new opportunities and expand my interests for even greater memories to come.

Whether it’s carving a wake for the first time or summiting a majestic mountain peak, the thrill of attempting or seeing something new is what makes the outdoors such a remarkable adventure.

Story by: Reyce Knutson
Photos by: Reyce Knutson and  Patrick Hendry on Unsplash