Amanda, Please! It’s Spooky Season, Witches

Attention all fall lovers and Halloween enthusiasts: the time we’ve been waiting for is here. 

After what feels like the longest September to ever be experienced, the time for sweaters, pumpkin carving and a month-long premiere of scary movies has finally arrived. It’s called Spooky Season and it is the best time of the whole gosh darn year. 

What makes Spooky Season so special? Well, dear reader, let me tell you. 

First, let’s address the weather. I love the summer months as much as the next college student eager for a break, but at this point in the year I’m ready to whip out my piles of sweaters. 

It’s chilly enough to throw on fashionable layers, but warm enough that you don’t need to pull out the puffy winter coat just yet. This weather lets you wear the flattering colors of fall while also keeping you nice and cozy. And did I mention the Halloween socks?

Not only does Spooky Season let you revamp your wardrobe, but it’s equipped with an endless amount of activities to show off your new look. Looking for something outdoorsy? Try a haunted corn maze or romantic walk through the colorful ground of leaves. Plus, for some reason there’s a lot of crows in Cedar City, which really adds to the ambiance.

Need something more low-key? Carve pumpkins, bake spice cakes (DO NOT bake said spice cake in a pan that is too small. I’m speaking from personal experience) and watch as many slasher movies as your heart desires. Doing all of these things might be considered socially unacceptable at any other time of the year, but not during Spooky Season!

For some, this time of year is stressful because it also coincides with Cuffing Season: the small window of time before the winter months in which you want to lock down a significant other. But no need to fret! 

While we might all be on the dreadful hunt for a boo (pun intended), there’s something supernatural about Spooky Season that is guaranteed to help you ask your crush out. It’s probably the crows.

Take those risks! Wear those jack-o-lantern socks! Celebrate Spooky Season! This time is precious. 


Story by: Amanda Walton
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