SUU Students Canyoneer Technical Terrain Near Zion National Park

On Saturday, Sept. 14, a group of ten students accompanied by two guides set out for a canyoneering trip east of Zion National Park.

This was a 2 mile trip down a popular canyon named The Huntress or Diana’s Throne. The canyon features five technical rappells and according to one participant, “some of the coolest views I’ve seen.”

“I like to take people on these trips to see how they light up when they discover something new,” said Keith Howells, Assistant Director for SUU Outdoors. “I also enjoy seeing people overcome the struggles they face on a technical and unique trip like this canyon.”

IMG_1619.jpgOver this five hour excursion there is plenty for explorers to observe, from the different wildlife in the canyon to the intricate orange, pink and white formations of Navajo Sandstone. 

While this hike is beautiful and challenging, Howells notes that those planning to embark on this adventure need to be prepared.

“Canyoneering is one of the most accessible outdoor activities here in southern Utah,” said Howells. “I just want people to be aware of the dangers that can come with canyoneering.” 

Canyoneering involves a series of rappels down cliff faces and canyon walls. Knot tying, accurate measurement,  proper harnesses, devices and ropes, and physical fitness are all requirements for safe descent. 

Cedar City is surrounded by great opportunities and resources to canyoneers. The Outdoor Recreation in Parks and Tourism program at SUU offers classroom instruction with Canyoneering I and II.

The lab portion of the classes provides hands-on accessibility to equipment and the chance to develop the necessary skills to have a fun and safe trip. 

Equipment and info is readily available to the general public through SUU Outdoors, and more guided trips are available for SUU students. 

For more information contact SUU Outdoors at or follow them on social media at @suuoutdoors.

Story by: Casey Torgersen
Photo courtesy of: Keith Howells