Webbing Cutting Signifies Grand Opening of Rappel Tower on Campus

After many months of work with SUU’s administrators, SUU Outdoors was able to add a 60-foot rappelling tower to their list of resources available to students and community members in the J.L. Sorenson Physical Education Building.

The rappel tower, located in the PE building next to the Cage, will be open to student use on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. 

Though the tower has been utilized the past year for outdoor classes, the grand opening marks its public availability upon reservation as well as on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.

image2In keeping with the outdoors vibe, Keith Howells, SUU Outdoors Assistant Director, cut webbing–a material frequently used in climbing, canyoneering, and other outdoor activities–instead of the traditional ribbon. 

“This rappel tower completes three objectives,” said Director of Recreation and Wellness for SUU Brian Fullerton. 

“Students will use it in classes which makes it educational, community members will use it which will help generate another source of income allowing us to continue to maintain this facility and the resources in it, and this will also help bring people together and create team building experiences.” 

SUU is commonly referred to as the “University of the Parks”, which was a big reason that the ORPT program and SUU Outdoors pushed so hard for this rappel tower. 

“We want to be able to train and facilitate clinics to prepare students and community members for future trips,” said Jake Manning, Assistant Professor of Outdoor Recreation. 

“We are committed to helping people take advantage of the great area we live in.”

image3.jpegParticipants harnessed up and got to try out the tower throughout the evening. Even Thor took a turn descending the tower!

To reserve a time to use the rappelling tower or for further questions email suuoutdoors@suu.edu. 

Story and Photos By: Casey Torgersen