The Paint Dance: A Colorful Close to Welcome Week

Held this past Saturday on Aug. 31, SUU students had the time of their lives at the paint dance. Located on the lower practice field, this event brought Welcome Week to a colorful close. In preparation for the event, students gathered up their friends and threw on plain white T-shirts. They went home coated in a rainbow of colors and buzzing from the music. 

The event was organized by the Student Programming Board and featured DJ Marcus Wing. President Alexis Hacking and other members of SPB were in front of the DJ, spraying colorful streams of paint into the rowdy crowd. 

Kylee Wharton said it best, “The energy was great, the music was fun, and getting sprayed in the head with cold watery paint was also surprisingly fun.” 

Alexis said working the event this year was rewarding for her. She went from being the director and planning the event last year to watching her directors (such as Bayli Alexander) execute another successful event. In regards to the dance, Alexis said, “This is always one of my favorite dances of the year! We always have a great DJ and good weather! The students also have so much energy and make the dance 100x better.”

As an attendee of the dance, I can personally attest that the event was brimming with energy. Hardly able to move, my friends and I laughed as we jumped and moved with the crowd, wiping the paint from our faces and hair. With hardly a lull in the dance, the music choice was impeccable, and we walked home from the dance out of breath.

There couldn’t have been a better ending to the first week back at school, and I think we are all a little more excited (and ready) to dance our way through another year at Southern Utah University, and isn’t that what college is all about?

Don’t miss out on the next dance! During Homecoming week, the Headphone Dance will be held on Sept. 28. 


Story by: Elizabeth Armstrong
Photos by: Hunter Bogar & Alexis Hacking