Wind Symphony Host “Instinctive Travels” Concert

SUU’s Wind Symphony Concert band hosted their concert “Instinctive Travels” on Friday, April 12.  Inside of the Heritage Center Theatre, music students had the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of families and the SUU community.

Dr. Adam Lambert offered a welcome and quick introduction, saying: “This event is a celebration of what we’ve done and we’d like to share that with you.”  

The band performed seven songs in total including the concert’s namesake: “Instinctive Travels” written by Michael Markowski. Dr. Lambert promised, “Instinctive Travels will take you on a ride. It’s got a lot of energy.”

The musicians faced a battle in the piece Lambert, explained: “Instinctive Travels” is a lot of fun and its scary as heck because if you get off one second then you’re in big big trouble.” Lambert continues as he explains the meaning behind the number as ‘a coming together of a lot of traditions.”

The audience and performers were treated to a special guest conductor, Tom Lewis, for the song “Let Us Break Bread Together” which started as an African American slave tune.  Lambert spoke highly of Lewis as he told the story of Lewis bringing bread to share with the students before conducting their piece with a baguette.

Following Lewis’s piece, Lambert returned to the stage for a piece many in attendance were familiar with. As a student’s final request, the iconic number, “Star Wars” was added to the set. The live performance stood out to the audience as they gave a stronger ovation than the other pieces.

A meaningful piece followed in “A Hymn for the Lost and the Living,” written by Eric Ewazen after the events of 9-11. Lambert expresses that the event is one that most, if not all, Americans can sympathize with, and the piece by Ewazen speaks of the emotion evoked from the tragedy.

Dr. Lambert spoke especially high of his students with the piece “Overture to Candide.” Members of the Wind Symphony transcribed the number from orchestral music. “Violin parts are now in the clarinet parts,” the conductor explained. Lambert also explained this was one of the hardest pieces for his band as they managed to learn the piece in only two weeks.

This particular concert band had a lot to offer. It was an ensemble that brought together a lot of the old traditions and classical music but then surprised its audience with omits of jazz, rock, and hip hop.

The “Instinctive Travels” concert wrapped up a busy year for the Wind Symphony band. Their schedule included performing at the high schools in Cedar, putting together their own concert in the fall, and recently returning from a tour in Las Vegas and Arizona. They will finish up their year by performing at commencement.

Dr. Lambert spoke highly of his musicians in their final show, speaking to their character as well as their musical abilities.

“They’re terrific students. They’re great musicians and they’re just really great people. This right here is clearly the highlight of my job, to be able to see and to be a part of their hard work and celebrate their achievements. Individually and collectively, they’re fabulous students and that’s why I’m here. For the students. I love these kids.”

Section leaders of the Wind Symphony included: Mallory Barlow, Monica Babbitt, Chris Kuhlemeier, Kamron Campbell, Kelly Francks, Zach Mercer, Robby DeBry, Aria Williams, and Dahlin Jordan.

For the chance to enjoy another music event, attend the Brass & Woodwind Ensembles concert in the Thorley Recital Hall on April 15th at 7:30.


Story by: Tomas D’Anella and Elizabeth Armstrong
Photo by: Tomas D’Anella