Garage Sale at SUU Outdoors

SUU Outdoors is cleaning out their stash of gear with a garage sale on Wednesday, April 10. The gear sale will be from 9 am-6 pm at the SUU Outdoors garage, located behind the Outdoor Engagement Center. A wide variety of outdoor equipment, perfect for any adventure, will be sold at discounted prices perfect for a college budget.

“We got a lot of gear,” Jackson Dalley, SUU Outdoors employee, said. “It’s pretty random- we have wetsuit socks… There are backpacks, longboards [and even] snow saws.”

Other equipment offered include anything someone might need for upcoming summer adventures. From camping gear, water gear to longboards, tarps and soccer balls.

As part of the garage sale, SUU Outdoors is also offering to help sell student’s lightly used gear as well. If someone has equipment they would like to sell, they should show with a list of items and an envelope with contact information on it. Students are asked to not dump their gear at the garage without a note or documentation.

Any unclaimed or unsold items left at 6 pm will be donated to one of the many thrift stores around town. All non-SUU Outdoors gear must be purchased with cash so visitors should come prepared with both cash and cards.

This event is open to all SUU students and Cedar City community members. For more information about the garage sale stop on by the SUU Outdoors Basecamp.

Story By: Jessica Hanneman
Photo By: Ansleigh Mikesell