SUU BFA Showcase Makes Waves at SUMA

SUU’s Art Department began the annual Bachelor’s of Fine Arts (BFA) Senior Capstone Art Show on March 28. The art show features a collection of each of the senior’s best artwork.

Every student was given their own space to create a display that could best showcase their work and the room was filled with a variety of art styles, types of art, and even had businesses that students had started.

From photography to even product design, there was an abundance of talent on display from each and every student. The audience in attendance crowded around every single display and artist all the while a pianist played soothing music throughout the night.


Aaron Lewis, a senior majoring in illustration, filled his display with fantastical mashups such as dinosaurs chasing WWII soldiers and re-imaginings of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly if it included horror.

Lewis described the motivation behind his pieces as, “Seeing things I’ve never seen before.”


Every student had tailored their exhibit around their work and strengths.Luke Wells, another senior that is majoring in studio arts, had a computer that ran a video of time-lapses for his pieces on display.

Wells’ pieces were dark and intricately detailed. As he put it, “I try to drive all of these with a lot of atmosphere, a lot of emphasis on moods.”

The exhibits all really gave insight into the artists behind them. Wells and Lewis both had very detailed and more realistic looking work, but there were also pieces that had bright colors and softer styles.

The art show was not only a chance for seniors to display their hard work, but also a chance for the younger art students to come in and be inspired by their peers.

Israel Contreras, a junior majoring in illustration and friend of Wells and Lewis, came out of the show stating, “I’m excited to see what I can come up with so I can outshine the people that have been pushing me forward.”

The art show will continue to be held until May 3 at the end of the semester.



Story by:  Alex Schilling
Photos by: Alex Schilling