Private Lives Depicts the Highs and Lows of Relationships

SUU’s Theatre Department wrapped up their performances of  “Private Lives” on Saturday the 9th. The three-act play took place in the Eileen and Allen Anes Studio Theatre as they finished their five showing stint.

“Private Lives” chronicled two newly married couples’ honeymoons that intertwine with each other. The couple made up of Elyot and Sibul Chase are situated in a hotel room next to the couple of Amanda and Victor Prynne. In the performance, it is revealed that Elyot and Amanda had married and divorced 5 years ago, and their new significant others have been trying to find out details about the previous relationship. Both Elyot and Amanda are hesitant to reveal the details until their paths cross on the honeymoon.

After discussing their lives since being separated, the ex-couple reignite their passion for each other and run away together to Paris. In this time, their new significant others, Victor Prynne and Sibyl Chase, join forces to find their loves. The search takes them to Paris where they stumble upon the end of a hostile argument between Elyot and Amanda.

The story shows how people struggle to reveal all that is inside their feelings, leaving them suffering and vulnerable. Amanda Prynne tells in Act 1, “I think very few people are completely normal really, deep down in their private lives. It all depends on a combination of circumstances. If all the various cosmic thingummies fuse at the moment and the right spark is struck, there’s no knowing what one mightn’t do.” These private lives that are difficult to share which can make people susceptible to rash decisions.

“Private Lives” showed the light and dark sides of relationships, which audience member Jarren Hancock, enjoyed. “I love how it captures like real romance in some way because it’s the highs and lows. It’s not all just lovely and all that.” Hancock, a freshman Theatre Education student at SUU, admires how “it’s the bickering and it’s the bliss” captured in “Private Lives.”

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Story by: Tomas D’Anella
Photo by: Mitch Quartz