Pizza & Politics: SUU Parking and Dining

SUU’s Center for Politics and Public Service hosted the weekly Pizza and Politics event on Feb. 27 at noon. This week the group focused on problems around SUU and how students view them as well as ways to potentially solve these issues.

There were a handful of issues that the event focused on including dining options, parking and the long waits for service at Counseling and Psychology Services (CAPS).

Moderators drove the conversation along, providing further prompts and keeping the conversation going while also trying to promote new opinions and voices outside those of the event’s regulars.

The event had about 80 participants, so it didn’t fully represent SUU’s 10,000 students. This was most evident when discussing the parking issue, which largely did not bother the students present.

Sadie, a junior political science major and one of the moderators, commented on this saying, “I wish that some differing opinions could have come in and spoke up (sic) so that we could get more of an insight on how the campus feels as a whole.”

Andrew Clemons, a sophomore computer science major, had some complaints about some possible solutions presented by students stating, “It’s easy to say we need to increase funding through this, this or this.. but the actual implementation is a lot more difficult than that.”

Overall, the event covered the topics well and gave students time to voice their views and discuss them.

Story by: Alex Shilling
Photo Credit: Alex Shilling