2019-2020 Campus Election Candidates

Every year SUU students have the opportunity to run for elected positions on both SUUSA and SPB.

Past elections have been unusual, to say the least. Last year, all the candidates ran unopposed, which lead to an uproar among the student body.

This year, eight of the 14 positions are being contested.

Since multiple candidates ran for both vice president of clubs and organizations and business senator, primary elections were held earlier this week and ended Feb. 26 at 5 p.m.

Coming out of the primaries, the two candidates campaigning for the V.P. of clubs and organizations are Austin Johnson and McCall Tingey. The two candidates for business senator are Mitchell Condie and Ashley Wardle.

Now that primary elections are over, candidates have two days to campaign on campus to help gain support and votes

Wednesday Feb. 27, a debate was held in the Living Room. Students from the Leavitt Center lead the debate. The debate allowed candidates to explain their platform and how they can improve not only their position, but also the student body as well.

Below is a list of the positions and the candidates:

Student Body President:

V.P of Clubs and Organizations: V.P. of Finance:
Jeff Carr

Austin Johnson

Andrew Clemons
Payton Raddon McCall Tingey Tyler Haroldson
V.P. of Academics:                                                             SPB President                                                                                              HSS Senator:                                              
Brandon Payne Alexis Hacking Tanner Vario
Graduate Senator:                                                                                                                             Education Senator:                                                                                                                                                                COSE Senator:                                                                                              
Caleb Paulson Kaylee Gerlach Samuel Stewart
Emily Reed
SIEL Senator:                                                                        Upper Division Senator:                                                                      Lower Division Senator:                       
Brooklyn Whitney Nouman Kante Jordan Henson
Andrew Lloyd Jared Badger
Business Senator: CPVA Senator
Mitchell Condie Isabella Giordano
Ashley Wardle

Billy Clouse

Students can vote on their SUU portal or on the SUU App until Friday. Results will be posted Friday night.

Story by Cassidy Harmon
Photo Credit: Cassidy Harmon