It’s All About Perspective: Wicked the Broadway Sensation

Aren’t we all familiar with the silly old tale of The Wizard of Oz? We get it, the Scarecrow is looking for a brain, the Tin Man wants a heart, and the Cowardly Lion needs, well . . . courage. Glinda the Good Witch helps Dorothy on her journey, but the Wicked Witch of the West captures her. It’s all pretty set in stone that the Wicked Witch of the West is evil, right?

Wrong. In the Broadway production, with actresses Idina Menzel and Kara Lindsay playing the two witches, the audience experiences an extraordinary tale told from a different point of view. The dazzling costumes, beautiful music, and realistic stage effects had us on the edge of our seats, the entire three hours of the show.

Not only did the production offer top-notch entertainment, but it also gave the audience an unexpected perspective on those perceived as “evil.” Do we really know the whole story? Left with minds spinning, the questions were asked, “who is really good, and who is really evil?” Glinda’s glittering gown and the Wicked Witch, Elphaba’s, simple black frock played into the plot; things aren’t always as they seem, and, most importantly, don’t believe everything you hear.

The show starts off depicting the unlikely friendship kindled between Glinda and Elphaba as peers in school. Glinda falls in love with a prince, who is actually in love with Elphaba. When Elphaba gets the chance to go talk to the Wizard and help animals that are being treated unfairly (including her dear schoolteacher), she finds the Wizard is behind it all. Refusing to assist him, Elphaba takes the high road, receiving backlash for it. Rumors are spread that she is “wicked,” and she is forced to leave Oz. Glinda stays, comforting the frightened people of Oz, but not denying the rumors about her innocent friend. The two friends are brought back together, only to be torn apart again. What will Elphaba do, with a ruined reputation and nowhere to go? A perfect mix of adventure, romance, friendship, music, and comedy, the twist on the popular tale had the audience on their feet at the end of the performance, their faces streaming with tears.

The gorgeous Eccles Theatre was the perfect location for the production to be held in downtown, Salt Lake City. The recently constructed theatre is not only elegant but is filled with friendly and helpful staff.

Hurry and get your tickets, and experience a life-changing evening with friends or family. Remaining tickets range anywhere from $170-$620, and the production will play up until March 3rd. Don’t wait, this show is popular for good reason, as it truly is an unforgettable production.


Story by: Elizabeth Armstrong
Photo by: Elizabeth Armstrong