BSU Hosts Flashback Friday Step Show

The SUU Black Student Union (BSU) hosted their 16th annual Flashback Friday Step Show on Friday, Feb. 22. The performance focused on African-American culture and  music from the past decases.

BSU president, Sunny Sims, opened the night by singing the Black National Anthem. The BSU Hip-Hop Team followed Sims with their dance to the popular, yet controversial song, “This Is America” by Childish Gambino. The 2018 single made headlines for chronicling the troubles African-Americans have faced since the 1920s.

A video was then played setting up the storyline for the night. A group of students in BSU were taken back in time to see African-American culture since 1910. Dances and songs showcased the different struggles faced in the decade.

SUU students, Darryn Ratliff and Tariq James, captivated the audience with a notable performance of “Stand By Me.” Their singing drew cheers from the crowd, and attendees aided the song with their own clapping for the rest of the song.

When two young children walked out on stage, the crowd cheered them on as they danced to the song “Before I Let Go” by Frankie Beverly and Maze. The young dancers danced up to par with the college performers as they gave a second performance to “Icon” by Jaden Smith, earning another positive reaction from the audience.

The entire Black Student Union came out at the end for one last dance as this was the last performance for many of the students in the club. President, Sunny Sims, and other key members of BSU got to say their goodbyes to the crowd and to SUU.

Note: Sims announced that the dance teams from Las Vegas that were intended to be a part of the performance couldn’t make it to Cedar City after the Las Vegas area received unusual weather in the form of snow. The SUU Black Student Union was ultimately able to pick up the slack on their own with little to no difficulties.

Story by: Tomas D’Anella
Photo Credit: Mitch Quartz