SUU Sports Play of the Week: Harrison Butler Stars in Another Poster

Many of you may not know, but SUU Basketball player Harrison Butler killed a man last week. He did it in broad daylight, in front of a stadium’s worth of people.

The craziest part about it? When Butler sent another human to the eternal realm the crowd rose to its feet and cheered.

I’ve gathered the video here for you to watch, but heed this warning: it’s graphic.

So maybe he Scary Harri didn’t literally kill Eastern Washington guard Ty Gibson. He only metaphorically put him six feet under. Ty, if you’re out there somewhere reading this, please please don’t jump. Make a business decision and get out of the way.

This article should serve as a PSA to all Big Sky defenders. If you’re the last man back on a fast break and Harrison Butler is running full speed toward you, move. There’s no shame in playing some olé defense and protecting your head.

Here’s another angle of the massacre:

The savagery. The humanity. Watch as Butler elevates with the grace of a panther traversing the thick canopy. Listen to the satisfying thwick of the ball flushing through the rim.

The slow motion is nice because if you look really close you can see the moment where Gibson realized he had messed up. It’s right about here:

Poor guy. Do you think he didn’t know who Harrison was, or do you think he prides himself on hustle? Either way, the decision was perhaps the poorest he ever made.

I’d like to imagine that his life flashed before his eyes as he rose to his own destruction. Maybe he felt honored to be one of Scary Harri’s victims. Maybe that will be the highlight of Ty Gibson’s basketball career.

So, in perhaps the easiest decision in history, Butler wins SUU Play of the Week for his mammoth fast break dunk. Well deserved, and may it be the first of many.

Story by: Connor Sanders
Photo courtesy of SUU Athletics Strategic Communication