The Five Best Rom-Coms If You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

Picture this.

It’s February 14. All of your roommates are out for the night with their significant other, while you have a hot date… with yourself.

While some might find it depressing, Valentine’s Day can become a steamy night full of self care. And what’s a date night without a feel-good movie about unrealistic love? So make that spaghetti dinner, put on that facemask, and snuggle up to the best five movies to watch on Valentine’s Day.

13 Going on 30

Starring Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo, this movie is sure to make you laugh. It’s awkwardness takes you back to reminiscing over your middle school love, all while teaching the importance of being yourself in a relationship. And have you SEEN what fashion looked like in 2004? Jennifer Garner did. Just because we can’t all eat Razzles with Mark Ruffalo on a swing set, doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to imagine.

A Walk to Remember

Feel like you need a good cry? This is my go-to. Mandy Moore brings a kind innocence that is nicely balanced with Shane West’s edginess and constantly gelled hair. The tragedy comes as a surprise, making every step engaging and fun to follow. And that tattoo scene? Pretty steamy.

Magic Mike XXL

Aright, listen. This movie is awesome. I can’t even really explain what the plot is about, mainly because there isn’t much of one, but here’s what you need to know: hot men. There are seriously so many dudes in this movie, it’s a little overwhelming. And if guys aren’t your thing, Jada Pinkett Smith rocks the pantsuit and fedora look. If you’re planning on having a Galentines party, this movie is certain to make everyone blush. It is pure entertainment.

High School Musical 3

Standing as my favorite in the series, this film is chock full of comedy, music, and romance. I know it seems juvenile, but sometimes the best Valentine’s Day is one you can sing along to, and any Disney Channel kid knows all of the words to this music. The nostalgia of simpler times during senior year of high school, paired with the on-screen and real life romance of Zac Efron (during his best phase, if you ask me) and Vanessa Hudgens, is utterly classic. In fact, this has been a Valentine’s Day tradition of mine for the past three years.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Up for something new and non-traditional? While it may be on the longer side, this 1998 Bollywood musical is so much fun to watch. The film follows the romance of one love triangle after another from their time in high school, all the way into parenthood. With a complicated plot, melodramatic music and acting, and a super foxy Shah Rukh Khan, this film is sure to entertain and educate about Indian cinema.

Story by: Amanda Walton