Text About Sex

SUU held a Text About Sex panel  in the Sharwan Smith Center on Tuesday Feb. 12 to educate students and allow them the opportunity to ask questions about their worries involving sex.

The students texted the panel questions about sex, gender and relationships. The panel was made up of professors, therapists from Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and one student. Each panel member had a different background ranging from criminal studies to biology including a LGBTQ representative.

The discussion emphasized safety, communication and openness with partners throughout the event.

“I just really enjoy doing this… and [I] am just hoping someone is educated from it,” said panelist Ashton Wetzel, a senior biology major.

Every question was answered to the best of the panelists ability while other questions were answered more deeply while other questions were answered more deeply. No question asked were left unanswered.

While the panel did treat every question seriously, they kept a lighter tone by including jokes.

Melisa Blanco, a sophomore majoring in psychology, enjoyed the event stating, “It’s informational and it’s cool to have so many different perspectives.”

Students are encouraged to stop by the Health and Wellness Center located in room 175 of the Sharwan Smith Center if they have further questions.

Story by Alex Schilling
Photo Credit Alex Schilling