Art Insights with Adrian Arleo

SUU’s College of Performing and Visual Arts and Department of Art and Design are excited to welcome artist Adrian Arleo to present her artwork and discuss her artistic process Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019, at 7:00 p.m. in the SUU Auditorium.

Arleo said, “I’m really looking forward to visiting SUU. I haven’t been to that area of Utah before,and I’m curious to see what’s going on in the studios at the university. I’m wondering if the landscape and the community influences the kind of work being made. It’ll be great to share my sculpture, process, and story with everyone!”

Adrian Arleo is a studio artist living in Lolo, Montana. She studied Art and Anthropology at Pitzer College (B.A. in 1983) and received an MFA in ceramics from Rhode Island School of Design in 1986. Her work is exhibited internationally in public and private collections, including The World Ceramic Exposition Foundation in Icheon, Korea and numerous museums throughout the continental states.

Commenting on her work, Arleo said: “For over thirty years, my sculpture has combined human, animal, and natural imagery to create a kind of emotional and poetic power. Often there’s a suggestion of a vital interconnection between the human and non-human realms; the imagery arises from associations, concerns, and obsessions that are at once intimate and universal. The work frequently references mythology and archetypes in addressing our vulnerability in a changing persona, environmental, and political world.”

Russell Wrankle, Assistant Professor of 3D/Sculpture/Foundations at SUU said, “We place a high premium on bringing internationally recognized artists, such as Adrian Arleo, to campus to share her ideas in an intimate setting that we enjoy here at SUU, and on having one-on-one conversations with our students to help further their artistic explorations. Our students are in the process of developing their individual artistic voices. Through intense studio practice, hard work, high expectations, and close proximity to their professors, our students are well on their way to being the next generation of makers and thinkers who will alter our definition of art.”

This event is free and open to the public. For more information please visit:

Story by: Alexis J. Taylor
Photo by: SUU Marketing