First Performance of SUU’s Brass Ensemble in St George : A Melodious Performance

Wednesday, Jan. 30th, SUU’s Brass Ensemble will have the opportunity to perform at the St. George tabernacle at 7:00 p.m. for the first time. Brass Band is composed of four trumpets, two trombones, three French horn and one tuba. All the musicians are enrolled members of SUU’s music department.

The Brass Band is a musical ensemble generally consisting entirely of brass instruments, most often with a percussion section. Performing all types of music, our instrumentalist students can play modern and old compositions.

The students are all passionate about music and promise this concert will be a show that everyone will remember. Nervous but excited, the musicians spent weeks preparing for a special show that deserves to be acclaimed and supported.

For more information about the next events and their schedules, please visit SUU’s Music Department website at:


Story by: Marine Alexandre
Photo by: SUU Marketing