Letter to the Editor: Support Sustainability Efforts on Campus

Here at Southern Utah University, we pride ourselves in being the “University of the Parks,” and winning the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge. But how good is the University doing when it comes to the environment really?

The SUU sustainability club is trying to make our university a little bit more Earth-friendly. They want to implement a recycling program at SUU, which would be great.

SUU has a trash compactor that is hidden down in the tunnel, but no one really uses it. It’s not even solely for recycling, it’s mostly for trash. There have been efforts by previous students to get a recycling program started here, but none of them have really stuck.

This year, the sustainability club has a plan, that starts with us students signing a petition showing that we care about recycling and want the campus to have a recycling program. They want to get facilities to agree to put recycling bins on campus that will be easily accessed by the student body. Then, they want to move the recycling program forward into the community with the hopes of getting Cedar City to promote recycling.

Some of the clubs’ other long-term project ideas are a community garden and a free box for other students of gently used items. They also want to work with SUU dining services to help the amount of food waste. And to add to the menu some items for our vegan and vegetarian students. They would like to have them promote meatless Mondays, which would help our environment. The club will also be doing some events for Earth week which is in April.

Remember guys to reduce, reuse, recycle!

If you are interested in signing the petition or joining the sustainability club, the club meets every Wednesday in the library in room 201.

Submitted by: Jessica Hanneman
Photo by Jon Moore on Unsplash.com.