Let’s Clear the Smoke

‘Lets Clear the Smoke’ was a discussion based event held in the living room of the student center on Jan 16th. It was an informational event discussing electronic smoking products, the negative effects they can have (specifically on students), and what should be done to change that.

A recent survey conducted at SUU between 2016 and 2018 showed that the use of traditional cigarettes went down 18% within those two years, but vape pen use went up 102% on campus.

Since electronic cigarettes have become so popular, it is important to know not only what it is in them, but the risks associated with the use. One of the risks associated with e-cigarettes is that they often contain flavoring such as diacetyl, which is a chemical linked to a serious lung disease.

While many universities, including Dixie State University, have passed a Smoke & Tobacco free campus policy, Southern Utah University has not. Madeline Gines, a SUU student and a Tobacco Lead Peer at the Health and Wellness Center here, hopes to change that by leading the Smoke Free Campus Initiative.

Dell Beatty, an alumni of SUU and the Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students at Dixie State University, said regarding the campaign, “as a student body, you need to get to the point where you can separate religion and moral issues from health issues… just do the research and see what negative effects cigarettes and e-cigarettes have on health in general.”

For more information regarding this campaign, and to have the opportunity to voice your own opinion, eat pizza, and discuss the pros and cons of changing SUU’s smoking policy, there will be an open forum discussion in the living room on Jan 18th from 4:00-5:00 p.m.

Story by: Elizabeth Armstrong
Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Strong