An Artists Eye for Winter Wonderland

On Thursday, Jan 17th the Southern Utah Museum of Art held its first Winter Wonderland paint night for SUU students. Students were able to experience a night of paint strokes and metaphoric teachings from instructors dressed as Bob Ross.

Whether or not students made “happy little accidents” many were able create landscape paintings to match the Winter Wonderland theme from their own vision. SUMA also offered a hot chocolate bar for students to browse winter themed art work before their painting sessions.

SUMA Happenings: Winter Wonderland a unique and fun event reaching out to SUU students for an exciting, cost free activity to promote art appreciation.

Two sessions were offered through the night starting at 6:15 PM with 30 participants in each. Every student was equipped with paint brushes and a small canvas to express their vision of winter.

Elisabeth Poit, a SUMA front desk attendant, stated “this is the first event of its kind for SUMA, the activity is brought to students as a free gathering to paint and relax through art appreciation.”.

Jessica Sannar a freshman at SUU, also gave her thoughts on the event, “I loved the atmosphere brought to us, the layout and the diversity of the winter art and how the artists gave something different”.

Winter art work from students and community members were showcased in the permanent Jim Jones Gallery at SUMA. Whether the art showed snowy mountain ridges or ice caverns, the art contributed to make a cozy surrounding for museum lovers and casual browsers.

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Story by: Kinon Coles
Photo by: Kinon Coles