Album Review: Jon Bellion’s Glory Sound Prep

It’s been almost a month since New York-based artist Jon Bellion released his newest album, Glory Sound Prep. After having listened to it through many times, I can say that it his best work yet.

Bellion has written several chart-topping songs, such as Eminem and Rihanna’s “The Monster,” “All Time Low,” and “80’s Films.” Glory Sound Prep is his fourth album and by far his most adventurous. Bellion’s distinct fusion of several musical genres including rhythm and blues, hip-hop, and pop comes across in a catchy and beautiful way.

With only 10 songs in the album, Bellion shows off his immense range of talent through manipulating his voice to create several instrumental sounds, exhibiting his insane vocal range, and touching listeners hearts with his creative and “stupid deep” lyrics.

Each song on Glory Sound Prep has its own unique sound and message. “Cautionary Tales” starts with a catchy guitar riff as Bellion dives into his depression despite his success. The lyrics to “Stupid Deep” tugs at the heartstrings and the sound is revolutionarily beautiful. “Blu” exhibits one of the most impressive vocal performances Bellion has recorded yet. The catchy tune and incredible vocal performance makes it the best song on the album

I definitely recommend giving the entire album a listen. Jon Bellion truly is a revolutionary artist. His lyrics will remain with you long after you’ve taken your earphones out. Glory Sound Prep leaves us wondering what will come next from this talented artist.

Story by: Jessica Stagg
Photo by: Spencer Imbrock