Whose Thunderbird is it Anyways? TONIGHT!

On Thursday, Dec. 6th, the Southern Utah University Thin Line Comedy Team will be hosting its first show ever, “Whose Thunderbird Is It Anyway?”

Thin Line Comedy was founded in October of this year by Tanner Horan, a freshman from Highland, Utah as the president; Hayden Cannon, a junior theater major from Cedar Hills, Utah as the vice-president, and Joshua Bowman, a junior business major from Alpine, Utah as the club cabinet.

“All of us are high school buds, and we did improv together,” said Bowman, “We missed doing it and said ‘Hey, let’s start a club for all types of comedy.’ We wanted a place where people can progress their comedic craft.”

The team meets weekly on Wednesdays at 7 pm in the Student Center Theatre. Half of the rehearsal is dedicated to stand-up comedy and the other half to improv.

“Improv is jazz,” said Horan, “You work with other people to make something unique. I think it can help people get out of their heads and bring them into a comfortable place in front of an awesome audience.”

The show will have a mix of short-form improv games and stand-up bits by team members.

“Definitely come,” said Camille Osborn, a freshman from Riverton, Utah studying English education, and member of the team. “Watching comedy is super fun. It relieves stress. I always think, ‘if these people can get up on stage and make fools of themselves, then I might just be doing something alright.’”’

“I know that in my case, one of the best ways for me to decompress is to laugh,” agreed Cannon. “Our hope is to give people a little break from finals, have a good laugh, and forget about their stress for the moment.”

The performance will start at 7 pm, in the Church Auditorium in the Sharwan Smith Center. Event details can be found here: Thin Line Comedy | SUU.


Story by: Treyson Lyon
Photo by: Bogomil Mihaylov, Unsplash.com