TAG Day; $500 Up for Grabs!

SUU will take a day to honor all those who have donated to the school through scholarships, research programs, buildings and grounds.

Thank A Giver (TAG) Day is sponsored by the Annual Funds and grants students the opportunity to express their gratitude to the alumni, faculty, staff and friends who have donated over the past year. With over 371,884 endowments worth more than $40,000 each, SUU has hundreds of annual sponsors to thank.

TAG Day will take place on Nov. 7 from 8:30 am to 1 pm. Eight different stations will be placed around campus and students will have an opportunity to write “thank you” notes to SUU donors.

“TAG Day is simply showing our gratitude and thankfulness for those who help make our institution run,” Annette Murray, Assistant Director of Development and Annual Funds, said.

These cards will be on display at the Donor Gala in late December. They will make a second appearance at the Scholarship Luncheon in late February when students will have the privilege to meet donors and thank them in person.

“I am excited to work alongside more than one hundred volunteers and SUU students as we do everything we can to show our gratitude and appreciation,” Murray said.  

Students who participate in TAG Day will be entered into a drawing for a $500 scholarship, which will be applied during the Spring 2019 semester. This year’s scholarship was donated by the SUU graduating class of 2018.

Students will also have the opportunity to be entered into a drawing for two SWAG bags, priced at $250 each, will include a backpack, hat and SUU Gear.

To be entered into the drawing, students must complete all three of the following steps:

  1. Fill out a form here, explaining what you are most grateful for at SUU.
  2. On TAG Day, you must take a picture of yourself participating in TAG Day. For example: writing a thank you note, posing by one of our many TAG Day signs or signing the banner in the living room.
  3. Last, post that photo to your Instagram story and tag @suutbirds and using #tbirdtagday.

As the season of giving approaches, it is good to consider the things we as students are grateful for. Take a moment this week and show your appreciation to the individuals who make SUU the honorable institution it is.

Story by: Easton Bowring
Photo by: Easton Bowring