Art Insights: David Zeigler-Voll

On Thursday Oct. 18th, the SUU College of Performing and Visual Arts hosted the latest in its Art Insights series. David Zeigler-Voll, a professional graphic designer, and photographer is the latest featured artist.

Zeigler-Voll’s main message of the evening was “creativity.”

“Creativity is not just one thing,” Zeigler-Voll told students, “The word creative is interesting. It can be an adjective, it can be a verb, but I prefer to use it as a noun. You are a creative; I am a creative.”

Zeigler-Voll was born in Wisconsin, but moved to Georgia when he was in high school.

After graduation, Zeigler-Voll attended Montana State University, where he also worked as a window display artist for the bookstore, until he transferred to the University of Georgia, where he majored in photography.

“I was interested in the application of paint; painting with energy,” said Zeigler-Voll, “[but] I really was [also] wanting to photograph what I was thinking; what was in my mind.”

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree, Zeigler-Voll moved to Tucson, Ariz. with his wife and two dogs to work on his Master’s degree.

At this time, he also began working for Buffalo Exchange as a salesman. Frustrated by his lack of artistic work, Zeigler-Voll wrote a letter to the headquarters of the company, requesting the opportunity to help rebrand and redesign the whole company. This proactivity led to him being hired as the company’s first “visual designer.”

“Being creative, coming out of school, I didn’t wait for things to come to me,” explained Zeigler-Voll. “I identified the opportunity, and I took it…I didn’t know much about branding, [but] anything creative you know applies to any situation.”

Zeigler-Voll worked at Buffalo Exchange for several years, before being hired on at public advertising firm, which led to his desire to open his own studio.

“I just wanted to be able to decide who I wanted to work with, and who I didn’t,” explained Zeigler-Voll.

Zeigler-Voll worked independently for a number of years, until his wife suggested he apply for a job at Trader Joe’s, where he was hired a few weeks later.

He worked there for 10 years, running the branding and packaging design division for the company, while still making time to design things for himself.

“As a Creative Director, I never want to stop designing,” said Zeigler-Voll. “When you stop designing, you stop growing.”Zeigler-Voll now works in a private design agency that caters to many prominent clients.

Zeigler-Voll encouraged students to put themselves out there, and to never give up on their creativity.

“Don’t wait for things to come to you,” said Zeigler-Voll. “Everything that you do now matters. All of your classes, all of your assignments; everything.”

He is a huge force for art and creativity,” said Benjamin Kirkby, an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at SUU, and one of the event’s organizers. “The first time I heard of the Arts Insights, he was the first person I thought of.”

“I liked how open and confident he was; he didn’t hide who he was.” said Morgan Conover, a Freshman from Brigham City, Utah. Conover is studying graphic design and  is a regular attendee of the Arts Insights. “As an artist, getting as many different viewpoints as possible can help you grow immensely, no matter what direction you’re heading. I would definitely recommend going.”

The next Arts Insights lecture will highlight Dallas Graham, a professional photographer and publisher, and will take place on November 1st at the SUMA (Southern Utah Museum of Art).


Story by: Treyson Lyon
Photo by: SUU Marketing