Mitt Romney: Entrepreneurship Series and Radio Interview

The SUU Entrepreneurship Series, along with students, faculty and community members welcomed Governor Mitt Romney on Oct. 10 in the Sterling Church Auditorium.

This speaking engagement was different for Governor Romney than the Utah Senate Debate which took place in the American First Event Center on Oct. 9 with his opponent, Jenny Wilson. His speaking engagement focused on leadership and entrepreneurship.

“Instead of listing qualities of leadership that I might try to convince you are important,” said Governor Romney, “I will instead talk about some people and how they live their lives and what I saw in them.”

Some of the leaders he talked about were: Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino’s; Jimmy John Liautaud, founder of Jimmy Johns; and J. Willard Marriott and his son Bill Marriott, founders of Marriott hotels.

Governor Romney placed an emphasis on the importance of a leader finding their core principle values.

“If you live in a way that is consistent with your core values, you will be more successful in your life and be happier,” Governor Romney said.

He ended his speech by saying, “leadership and entrepreneurship happens whether you are at the top or bottom of any organization.”

After Governor Romney give his remarks, he took a few questions from the audience,

“I think Governor Romney had a really interesting view on Entrepreneurship,” said Hannah Pena, a junior studying human resources and hospitality management from Las Vegas. “Usually everyone is talking about the success, money and hard work that goes into a business. However he was very focused on how people treat others, how different people measure success in a business and genuinely care for their business and their employees.”

The Entrepreneurship Series will be open to community members starting next semester. For more information on the Entrepreneurship Series click here.

Story by: Cassidy Harmon
Pictures by: Cassidy Harmon

Radio Interview:

Interview by: Jadon Lamphear 
Video by: Kurt Meachem