Mic Check: One, Two

Calling all Homer’s and Sappho’s among us!

All students are welcome and encouraged to come out and share their creative works and talents at the English Department Open Mic Night on Oct. 17 from 6-8 p.m.

Artists are invited to come to the Gerald S. Sherratt Library and share their work in a constructive and creative environment.

Poetry, song, and stories have been a part of every culture and have a longstanding oral tradition. Whether the sacred words are flung from a stage, muttered aloud in a library, shouted across a noisy classroom, or whispered in the far corner of a local coffee shop, every syllable contributes to the age-old history of creative storytelling.

The open mic night is geared toward students reading their creative works, short stories, poems, short plays, stand-up acts or any other written work, but that is not a requirement. Everyone can come out and share the night with the faculty and students who call the newly renovated Braithwaite Building home.

Dr. Kelly Kathleen Ferguson, the resident Creative Non-Fiction professor, said, “Everyone is welcome. They don’t have to be an English major. Last time we had a couple [of] musicians come and sing for us so that was really cool.”

Bring your best stories, scary or otherwise, and enjoy a night of literary magic in a casual, cool and comfortable atmosphere where even the shyest and most inexperienced reader can take the mic and share their love for the written arts.


Story by: Alexis J. Taylor
Photo by: Arthur Miranda, Unsplash.com