Critical Conversations: Women Empowering Women

On Tuesday, Oct. 9, the SUU Women’s Network (SUUWN) held their Critical Conversation: Women Empowering Women discussion,in the SUU Education Building.  The purpose of this event was to start a dialogue, give advice and create a space for open discussions.

The SUU Women’s Network was created three years ago and as an affiliate of the Utah Women in Higher Education Network.  

Jennifer Hunter, the president of the SUUWN, led the conversation. Each year the network has something they focus on, this year’s central focus is professional development.

Critical conversations are collaborative discussions where advice is given and ideas are discussed to help women develop themselves. This conversation consisted of the presentation of several articles for attendees to review and then a guided discussion.

The main topic of this conversation was women empowering women.  “All three articles have the same point: Women need to stand up for other women,” Hunter said.

During the discussion, several ways for women to empower, represent and embolden other women in the workplace were discussed.

Macail Evans, who works in the Career Center on campus said, “I’m so glad that we’re having these conversations.”

The SUUWN’s mission is as follows: “The SUUWN will work to create an educational, professional, and political climate in which women’s voices and values, in all their diversity and richness, are heard and included in efforts to shape the institutional and public agenda of higher education, as well as leadership roles for women at SUU.”

While the network was created to help SUU employees, students are invited and encouraged to attend meetings and panels. The fall meeting and mentoring panel will be held on Oct.30 at 3:30 p.m. at the Charles Hunter Conference Hall.  

Story by: Maddie Carter
Photos by: Maddie Carter