Alcohol has More Uses Than You Think.

Sept. 18- A group of eager artists gathered in the Community Outreach Center with brushes and rubbing alcohol in hand ready to try out a new art form Tuesday night. The beginning alcohol ink painting class was introduced as a class to build artistic confidence for wishful participants.

“I didn’t think that I could be an artist and have it look so cool” one of the participants of the class mentioned. “But now that I’m doing it, I should try my hand at doing it more”.

Participants made their own paintings on tiles with just rubbing alcohol and alcohol ink. Then, working with q-tips, paint brushes, and toothpicks they  modified and shaped how the alcohol interacted with each other. The colorful inks blended into new colors and shapes changing the image every time you checked on it creating a wonderful abstract art piece.

“The best part is, if you don’t like it you can just start again […] That really takes the stress off”, said Mary, one of the beginner painters.

Most students who attend classes at the Community Outreach Center keep coming back for more. Many dedicated time every month for learning about new hobbies and potential interests. “It really is meant to build confidence” stated the artist in residence teaching the class.

The Community Outreach Center is open to the public. Participants interested in classes, which change every month depending on interest, need to register and pay for the course. For more information about the Community Outreach Center and for a full schedule of future events, visit their information page at:


Story by: Bayleigh Dyer

Photo by: Bayleigh Dyer