A Night at SUMA Happenings

Sept. 13 – Music and laughter filled the Southern Utah Museum of Art when it held its biannual SUMA Happenings Back to School Party on Thursday night. All who attended were given free food and the opportunity to create art of their own.

“This is a pretty new program. We want to give back to the students and get more people in the doors,” said Sara Schlagel, one of the staff members at SUMA. “What better way to do that than with free food and art?”

Students could make their own art prints with just a few simple tools such as styrofoam, wooden pegs, and paint. Students would draw a design into the styrofoam, paint over it, and print it onto a piece of paper. “Everyone seems so happy. I’m so glad that everyone here is participating!” Schlagel said.

Alyssa Holdeman, an SUU student attended the event. “I wanted to go to school that had amazing art program so here I am,” Holdeman said as she sketched her own artwork. “It’s great that they’re getting students involved in art this way. I really am having a great time!”

“I love the arts and I want to support the arts where I live. This is a great way to do that,” said Joanna, one of SUMA’s volunteers.

The Southern Utah Museum of Art is open to the public and attendance is free. People can wander around the gallery and take in the artwork of James Surls, SUMA’s featured artist. For more information and a complete schedule of events, visit SUMA’s website at: Southern Utah Museum of Art


Story by: Jessica Stagg
Photo by: Mitchel Quartz