Story Telling from Columbia

On Monday, Sept. 10 Mauricino Patino, a Colombian storyteller and communicator, visited SUU for his premiere performance in the United States.

In his act, Patino shared most of his stories in Spanish. Most of the audience did not speak Spanish but he is such a captivating person that even though most of the audience had no idea what he was saying, they were was fully engulfed in the story. I found myself following the story because the picture he was painting became clear on its own, without the aid of words.

Patino said, “I love performing to children. Not people who are young of age but [who] choose to live life as they did as a child, carefree and open to new ideas. Those crowds are always the best to perform to because they understand me and the way I live my life.”

Patino has been performing to crowds all over the world since 2002. He is now the CEO of communications and media at Contante y Sonante magazine. Patino’s stories have led him to Scotland, Mexico, Cuba, Iran and more.

“I could not choose my favorite place to perform,” he said, “because every place has something amazing to offer.”

At SUU he performed to a group of about twenty people, but he says that his typical crowd is anywhere from 200-2,000 people.

At the end of his story performance, the University gave him a certificate of gratitude for taking time out of his schedule to come share his stories in Cedar City.

For more information about Patino and where you can see him perform, you can follow him on Twitter  @MauroPatigno, YouTube MauroPatigno, or visit his blog at MauroPatigno.

Story by: Cairo Cook
Photo by: Cairo Cook