SUU Student Struck by Vehicle While Crossing Sidewalk


A student was transported to the hospital after being struck by a vehicle while crossing a sidewalk on SUU campus.

The incident occurred around 7:20 p.m. September 10, on 200 South in-between the Gerald R. Sherratt Library and the Eccles Living Learning Center on campus.

The vehicle was going westbound when it struck the student.

Alli Butterfield, a SUU Freshman, saw the accident take place while walking back to her dorm.

“I was walking up the sidewalk towards Founders Hall with my roommates and all these cars started honking as a lady in a green car drifted across the the middle lane,” reported Butterfield . “She was looking at her phone and was obviously distracted”

Butterfield reported that the lady then returned back to the westbound lane.

“Ten seconds later, we heard a scream and went running back to find a student laying in the road after being hit by the same car,” said Butterfield.

Another eyewitness made the 911 call, where both Campus Police and Cedar City First Responders responded.

The name and condition of the student will not be released at this time.

This is an ongoing investigation by the SUU and Cedar City Police.

Story by: Easton Bowring
Photo by: Laikin Barney