Letter to the Editor: SUU’s Food Problem

The beginning of a school year is always filled with stress and anticipation as students and staff stumble to get into a rhythm that defines a semester.

This first two weeks on campus has shown significant issues in one huge aspect of campus life this semester: food.

Chartwells services recently hired a whole new team for Southern Utah University with the intention of catering better to students, but, as seen by the extensive lines in the Student Center, they are not as prepared as they should’ve been.

The line for Chick-Fil-A wound its way down the hall with students easily waiting upwards of 30 minutes to even order at the counter. All the while, staff members struggled to get all the orders filled within a manageable time limit. The surplus of students matched with the understaffed fast food chain spells trouble for the student body unless Chartwells can get back on track.

Additionally, businesses outside of Chartwells like Fat Zeus had yet to make an appearance on campus after the first week, thus limiting student options.  Students expect SUU campus to have the resources they need to get through the school day. Many students do not leave campus until later in the day and those with meal plans are relying on Chartwells as their primary source of food.

As a student, I firmly believe that having a food service that runs smoothly is the most important thing in the student life community.

I wish Chartwells all the best in trying to get their groove back, but if long lines and early closings continue, I believe that the campus will see students taking their business and lunch breaks elsewhere.

Submitted by, Bayleigh Dyer, SUU Student
Photo by: rawpixel on Unsplash.com