Celebrating the Sun with SUMA


On Sept. 7, 2018, the Southern Utah University Museum of Art opened their doors for the 2nd annual Sun Party.

SUMA partnered with the Cedar Breaks National Monument to kick off the Annual SouthWest Astronomy Festival with a day full of family-centered activities. “I think we have activities that will be fun for both kids and adults,” Katie Swainson the Community Engagement Associate said. “It is more of a community event, but there is an educational aspect to it.”

Museum workers and volunteers lead activities throughout the four-hour event. These activities included creating your own chalk constellations on the sidewalk outside the museum and making sun prints by using the sun to bleach designs on paper by placing colorful shapes over the paper and a glass sheet on top.

Patrons had the opportunity look through special telescopes to safely observe the sun and ask questions. The Sun Party was an event that everyone could enjoy.




Story by: Cassidy Harmon and Alexis J. Taylor
Photos by: Alexis J. Taylor