I Quit Social Media For A Week

GASP. Yes, it is true- I quit social media for an entire week. No twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, nothing.

This summer I took it upon myself to delete social media off of my phone for a week. I found myself wasting countless minutes scrolling through Instagram or waiting for a new tweet. It seemed like every three minutes I would pick up my phone to see if anyone had texted me. I had heard of people who took the challenge of going social media free for a week, a month or in some cases even a year. So I gave it a try. Why not right?

From the second I deleted my apps I regretted it. I felt disconnected. Social media was not only a place for me to hear about others’ life stories but a place for me to hear about current events.  I was detached from social media and felt detached from the world. Throughout the week if I was surrounded by others on social media I felt left out. Without my social media crutch, I felt vulnerable.

Along with that vulnerability, however, came wonder. Without social media, as a constant distraction, I was able to acknowledge other people and things around me. I spent time just laying in the grass without any distractions and it was AMAZING. On my breaks, I found that instead of checking my phone I would talk to my coworkers. I also found myself using all this free time away from social media to read more. I was able to pick up books I never “found time” to finish. I didn’t realize how much I wasted on social media and how often I wasted just scrolling.  

You hear it time and time again that people compare themselves to others on social media. Man, I had no idea how true that statement was! Without social media, I felt better about myself. I felt content with my life and how I looked.

I didn’t miss social media as much as I thought I would. Was it hard? Yes.  Was I tempted to re-download my apps? OH BOY yes! But I did it. And even though it was only a week it was the most eye-opening week I had in a long while. I learned how to experience life and feel happy with my circumstances.

Even after I re-downloaded the apps I spent less time on social media. I realized if I could spend a week without social media and be okay it wasn’t important to check constantly. I now find myself spending less time on social media and more time in the real world. Even around friends, I check my phone less often. Social media doesn’t need to control my life.  

Honestly taking a break from social media is so important. I am not saying you have to delete it altogether, but spending time away from it now and then is beneficial. Put your phone on Airplane mode while you work on homework,  or allow 5 minutes away from your phone. Just find time to disconnect and enjoy the world around you. Not everything needs to be documented on Snapchat or Instagram. Take time to live.


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash