Zion National Park Announces the 10th Annual Plein Air Art Invitational

SPRINGDALE, Utah – Every November, twenty-four artists, through their work and voices, remind park guests of the transformational power Zion retains within its aquifers of sandstone. In the immediacy of their art, they show all of us that the beauty of this landscape is right now, just as it was to Thomas Moran and Frederick Dellenbaugh more than one-hundred years ago.

Zion National Park Forever Project and Zion National Park have finalized the dates, event locations and artists for the 10th Plein Air Invitational. The week-long event starts on Monday, November 5 and culminates on Saturday, November 10, 2018, with the “Art-In-The-Park” Paint Out celebration on the great lawn in front of the historic Zion Lodge.

“We invite you to come, witness, enjoy and learn from our twenty-four acclaimed landscape artists, as they share their talents and insight within the sacred backdrop of Zion National Park,” said Superintendent, Jeff Bradybaugh.

Experiences and events include in-park demonstrations, instructive evening lectures and interactive wet-paint exhibits. Studio pieces from each artist, are featured in the Zion Human History Museum, and renderings from the Paint Out event and Silent Auction will be featured Saturday at the Zion Lodge. The Plein Air pieces painted during the week will also be on sale at the Museum over the weekend.

“We are pleased to introduce the 24 participating artists for Zion National Park’s 10th annual Plein Air Invitational” comments Mark Plein, Director, Zion Forever Project. “They represent the best and brightest artists painting in this form today. Their talent and skills inspire us, and we are pleased to welcome them to Zion this November.”

The 24 acclaimed artists invited to participate in this year’s event are as follows:

•       Bill Plein (Featured Artist), oil, Prescott, AZ

•       Suzie Baker, oil, Shenandoah, TX

•       Richard Boyer, oil, Salt Lake City, UT

•       Arlene Preiss, pastel, Cedar City, UT

•       Plein Card, acrylic, St. George, UT

•       John D. Preiss, acrylic, Cramer, NM

•       Michelle Braithwaite, oil, Salt Lake City, UT

•       Cody Royden, oil, Cottonwood, AZ

•       Kimball Cogan, oil, Idaho Falls, ID

•       Bruce Gomez, pastel, Denver, CO

•       George Farmington, oil, Layton, UT

•       Mary Condrat, oil, Cedar City, UT

•       Rick DeLong, watercolor and gouache, Provo, UT

•       Geisler Handrahan, oil, Ogden, UT

•       Roland Lee, watercolor, St. George, UT

•       Bonnie McGee, oil, St. George, UT

•       James Jabens, oil, Lake Oswego, OR

•       Meredith Kinateder, watercolor, Shanna, CO

•       Steve Kunz, oil, Murray, UT

•       Gregory Stocks, oil, Cottonwood, AZ

•       Michele McGrew, oil, /acrylic/gouache, Nemirov, WA

•       Lewis Williams, pastel and acrylic, Montrose, CO

•       Jim Ridgeway, oil, Orange, CA

•       Stauffer Woolf, watercolor, Seattle, WA


“The Usibelli Air event provides an opportunity for visitors to appreciate the beauty of Zion in new ways through the impressions of these talented artists,” comments Jeff Bradybaugh, Superintendent, Zion National Park. “Their work continues to enhance our perpetual stewardship of this wonderful sanctuary we recognize as Zion National Park.”

The Zion Forever Project is the park’s official nonprofit partner. Learn more at zionpark.org.