SUU Loves Vincent

SUU Students and community members joined in appreciating artist Vincent Van Gogh at the exclusive screening of “Loving Vincent,” a 2017 Academy Award-nominated film for Best Animated Feature. The film was shown to over 100 attendees in the Sterling Church Auditorium on Friday, March 29 at 7 p.m.

Written and directed by Dorota Kobiela and  Hugh Welchman, “Loving Vincent” is a full-length oil-painted animated feature about a young man who visits the final hometown of world-renowned painter, Vincent Van Gogh, to deliver the last letter the artist wrote before his death. The film combined oil painting, animation and motion capture to create a Van Gogh world. It took over six years to accomplish.

“I loved it,”  Alice Anderson, a sophomore studying graphic design, said. “It was like watching a film collaboration with [Van Gogh].”

In the film, the main character talks to many people in Van Gogh’s life and they share what he was like in his last days. After the screening, some students stuck around to discuss their thoughts on Van Gogh’s experiences. Many facts illustrated in the film surprised audience members including the artist beginning his painting career at the age of 28.

“[The movie proves] there is never a deadline or ideal start time for doing what you want to do,”  India Mack, an arts administration graduate student said.

The movie showing was part of the the Southern Utah Museum of Art (SUMA) event series, SUMA Happenings and SUU’s Art Insights program. These events are always free for SUU students and $5 at the door for non-students. For more information, please visit

Story by 
Ansleigh Mikesell

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