A Traditional Celebration of Art and Culture; SUU Indigenous Roots Matter Traditional Social PowWow

The Southern Utah University Indigenous Roots Matter Traditional Social PowWow was held March 30 and March 31 as a social event to celebrate the culture and heritage of Southern Utah’s native people.

The sound of drums echoed in the room as the Native American music group Thunderhouse touched the memories of all in attendance with their spirited take on a traditional style of music. Their pounding beats and impressive display of vocals truly set the scene for a genuine celebration of a culture and a way of life worth remembering.

The event was held at the Paiute Tribal Clinic in Cedar City and hosted by the local Paiute tribe and Southern Utah University’s Native American Student Association.

Autumn Boren, a Tulalip Indian from the state of Washington and president of the Native American Student Association said, “I am really proud of the work we did with the powwow because it is rooted in traditional celebration of art and culture, and dance of course. It’s important that we provide opportunities for the local native community so that others can understand and appreciate their roots.”

The powwow began with the Grand Entry as all the contributing dancers paraded around the stage in a beautiful sea of colors and jingling bells. The dancers competed throughout the night for different prizes including t-shirts, mugs and other SUU swag.

The event highlight was the attendance of Miss Native American SUU who gave a special presentation honoring all the veterans and grandmothers in attendance. She thanked them with honest emotion, “for showing us what the younger generation are missing” and provided each with a gift basket which she placed respectfully at their feet.

The display of music and dance so integral to a culture that surrounds us every day made for an eventful weekend. The upbeat nature of all involved showcased the passion they have for their history and the love they shared with everyone in the room, regardless of a personal connection.

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Story by
Alexis Taylor for SUU NEWS

Photo Credit
Alexis Taylor for SUU NEWS