Senate 3/29/2018

SUUSA Senate met today to discuss end of year objectives and upcoming events on campus.

The meeting began with a review of recent fees updates, with a increase to $3 a semester for the tutoring center approved by the Student Fee Review Committee, the President’s Council and the Board of Trustees. A $2 fee request from the marching band was denied.

Vice President of Academics Parker Hess is working on recognizing individuals and organizations on campus that contribute a lot to SUU, but are not always recognized. To suggest a person or organization for recognition email Hess at

D’mia Lamar, Vice President of Finance and future SUUSA President, is creating a detailed end of year budget review. This review would include information on monthly spending and how many funding requests the senate received each month. Lamar said she hopes this will help future senate’s budget and know what to expect when it comes to recurring financial needs of campus organizations.

Upper Division Senator Jeremy Osborne is still working on the new smoking policy initiative. Osborne said a meeting with the Dean’s Council went well, but now realizes that getting the initiative to the President’s Council this school year is too fast of a timeline. Efforts are now being focused on documenting and preparing the initiative to be transferred to a member of next year’s SUUSA Senate. Osborne said he hopes a new Senate member will take the lead on finishing the initiative, and also hopes it is an issue student care about and will live on.

Abby Nakken, CPVA Senator, and Hess recently presented the midterm grade policy to the President’s Council. The new policy would require professors to input official grades at midterms in addition to final grades, giving students a better idea of where they stand academically before the semester is over. Nakken said they are currently working on gathering more information for their next presentation.

SUUSA President Hayden Carroll announced SUUSA’s partnership with Iron County Care and Share. The latter is currently hosting Donation Drive-A-Way to raise money for themselves and other local charitable organizations. Carroll said he is working with SPB President Sarah Jones to get the car being given away on campus to generate more interest in the giveaway.

Hess invited all of the Senate to sign up for Omicron Delta Kappa’s campus beautification day to be held on April 11. The honor society’s goal is to pick up rubbish and improve the overall quality of SUU’s appearance. To sign up to participate fill out the Google Doc here.

Carroll then reminded the Senate members that they needed to fill out an email he sent out last week. Carroll said only six of the eight Senators had replied to him, and he was assuming the other two did not think their organization needed to be represented in the Senate next year. If the Senators who did not respond still wanted their organization to have representation in the Senate next school year, Carroll said they needed to speak with him directly after the meeting.

The Senate then adjourned.

The Senate will reconvene next week at 11:30 a.m. in the Sterling R. Church Auditorium in the Sharwan Smith Student Center.

Story By
Haleigh Clemens

Featured Photo By
Mitchell Quartz