Emerald Pools Trail Outdoor Trip

Over spring break I had the privilege of attending Zions National Park and hiking the Emerald Pools Trail for the first time. With perfect weather and Zions only 58 miles away, it seemed like an appropriate location to enjoy some good hiking.

Though the drive was long, the hiking made it well worth the wait! The Emerald Pools Trail is located at the beginning of the bus route up to the trails. The hike included a large waterfall, small pools, and plenty of separate trails to explore.

Though steep at times, the Emerald Pools Trail was occasionally shaded by large, beautiful trees. The most unique feature to this trail is the luxurious waterfall at the top of the hike that invites all those who dare to wade in the water at the bottom, perfect for cooling down after a long hike.

The trail took most of the day and made for a perfect getaway. I highly recommend this hiking trail to anyone willing to spend a full day of moderate hiking. Would I go again? Yes, not only for the Emerald Pools Trail, but also to explore the many other trails that Zions National Park has to offer.

Story By
Cassidy Jasperson for SUU News

Photo by
Jamie Hagan on Unsplash